Social Media Strategy Session

Imagine your wine brand reaching its full potential, captivating audiences with clarity in messaging while forming deep connections through engaging and educational content.

It's all within reach, and it starts with booking a strategy session.

When you book a strategy session with me, you're taking the first step towards an improved social media strategy that speaks to the heart of your wine brand. Your wine brand is unique, and I’m here to help you unlock its true essence.

By booking a strategy session, you're investing in a brighter future for your wine brand. In a 60 minute session we will work closely together to develop a tailored plan to create content that both entertains and educates your audience.

The strategy session will provide you with the tools and insights to create compelling content, aligning your brand's messaging with your target audience's desire to learn more about the wine you offer.

Cheers to the growth and success that lies ahead!

Why are wine brands hesitant to invest in a service to enhance their social media marketing?

The number one reason I have come across is that it is hard to measure return on investment.

Here’s the problem with that mindset.

Social media can be used to MEASURE METRICS. Posts can be measured by likes, views, saves, and shares.

Social media can SCALE your brand awareness. You are able to reach new audiences GLOBALLY.

Social media is how you can build relationships with your customers to increase that know, like, and trust factor. Authenticity is what many consumers are looking for when choosing a brand to purchase from.

Going into 2023, truly think about how social media can change your business to AMPLIFY your audience.

If you’re ready to stand out on social media. Book a Strategy Session with me to help your wine brand stand out on social media.

  • A Strategy Session is $350 for a 60-minute in-depth review of your social media.
  • Payment plans are available as a one-time payment and two payment plan at $200. 
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